Choosing Flooring for a Child’s Room

Some of the most important features when choosing flooring for a kid’s room are safety, durability and the ability to clean it easily. Flooring that has some ‘give’ would be ideal to soften falls and prevent injury. But, the floor would still have to be durable enough to withstand spills, falling toys and wear and tear from dragged play toys.
Dunn Furniture can help you choose! We have a wide variety of floor coverings that would be ideal for your child’s room. Vinyl tile and laminate flooring are both very easy to maintain and cleans up well – pet proof too! Cork is another good choice as it’s ‘green’, comfortable and durable and carpet is soft underfoot, but can stain easily. 
Carpet is likely a good choice for younger kids as it dampens noise and falling children are less likely to suffer cuts and bruises on sudden impact. It traps dust so children of the shorter disposition can breathe air just as clean as the fresh air you breathe at your lofty height.
However, as carpets retain dust, it also captures all sorts of dirt. If you’ve stretched your budget enough to get a thick, ultra sound-absorbing carpet, then you need to clean it often. Choose carpet that is stain resistant.  (more…)